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We believe it's never too early to start taking charge – with a sense of fairness and personal responsibility.

All pupils are encouraged and supported to be responsible for their own actions and possessions. We also have a variety of opportunities to take on additional responsibility.

Children are encouraged to stand for positions of responsibility such as form leader, school council member or Eco-Committee representative. Year 6 pupils can also stand for house or sports captain, with voting by all house members after a short campaign.

Taking responsibility

CouncilEvery term each form elects two Form Leaders in Years 1 to 6. They also elect a School Council representative in September and a new Council is elected after February half term. The same election process occurs for the Eco-Committee.

Many everyday, practical tasks are carried out by classroom monitors and Year 6 pupils often take on extra jobs, such as preparing the hall for assembly.

For the first few days of the school year, or for any new pupils, ‘buddies’ help new pupils at morning playtime and at lunchtime.

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