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Our schools

Our independent schools in Cambridge, Madingley and Saffron Walden provide an inspiring pathway for boys and girls aged 1 to 18.

Nursery & Early Years (1 to 5)

Stephen Perse Nurseries

The first years of education are a voyage of discovery – exploring, questioning, initiating ideas and taking pride in every achievement.

Junior School - Dame Bradbury's (5 to 11)

Junior School - Dame Bradbury's (Saffron Walden)

A creative community where ideas, individuals and imaginations thrive. Our young people share a willingness to experiment and question. They rise to challenges and get every last ounce of fun out of all that comes their way. 

Junior School - Fitzwilliam Building (5 to 11)

Junior School - Fitzwilliam Building (Cambridge)

We encourage children to be active learners – to ask questions, to make mistakes, to be resilient and to explore their interests and talents. By combining academic rigour with creative, flexible teaching we see our pupils grow as independent learners.

Senior School (11 to 16)

Senior School (Cambridge)

Our school buzzes with activity from dawn ‘til dusk – as pupils pursue their ambitions in the classroom and beyond. In our close community each individual pupil shines – supported and encouraged by committed, brilliant teachers.


Sixth Form (16-18)

Sixth Form (Cambridge)

Whether you study A Levels or the IB, you’ll be working with brilliant teachers who are passionate about their subject. Not only do we achieve outstanding results, we offer a true breadth of experience, plus bespoke guidance for your future.

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