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Communication skills help us express ourselves effectively, develop rewarding relationships and expand our knowledge of the world.

Two girls in classroom

In English, French and Spanish there are opportunities to communicate in conversations and debates, on paper and on screen using digital tools. We use a wide range of media, from newspaper articles to films, and activities can be anything from acting to designing persuasive posters.

As well as taking a look at the cultures of France and Spain, we delve inside languages to see how they work. Developing a richer vocabulary is also important, whether you're asking questions, listening to someone else’s opinion, reading an interesting story or writing an accurate description.

Our language lessons are exciting, imaginative and often cross into other subjects. Learning to introduce yourself in Spanish, talking about your hobbies in French or writing imaginative poetry in English are just a few of the challenges on offer.

"You can let your creativity and imagination flow to create a story, a place or people."


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