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Drama forms an integral part of the Junior School curriculum. Regular Drama lessons encourage collaboration and creativity and help to boost self-confidence.

Junior School Past performances 

Gold - Year 5, March 2016

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies - Year 4, June 2016

The Witches  - Year 6, June 2016

Shakespeare Rocks - Year 5, March 2017

The Jungle Book - Year 6, June 2017

What a Knight! - Year 4, June 2017

Scrooge - Year 6, December 2017

Pirates of the Curry Bean - Year 5, March 2018

Beowulf - Year 4, July 2018

Through participation, our students begin to acquire the skills needed to stand up in front of an audience and to create imaginative and effective theatre.

Drama performance

There are plenty of opportunities to take part in Drama activities and performances throughout the year: we aim to be totally inclusive and believe that everyone deserves to play a good role.

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