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  • Out of the Box with Year 5

    Published 18/12/16

    Year 5 enjoyed a fun packed 'Out of the Box' week of activities focusing on a range of our learning habits. The week started with an imaginative day planning and creating some exciting animations. 

    Using poetry, nursery rhymes or short stories the children worked in groups to plan their animations, thinking carefully about which materials to use to create their characters. Using iMotion, a stop motion animation app, they quickly discovered that patience and precision were required to get the best results. Humour was another learning habit that was being used and tested to its limit! The highlight of the day was sharing their finished animations and all were amazed at the variety and creativity of the groups.

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  • Year 6 explore Paris!

    Published 18/12/16

    What a treat it was for Year 6 to leave Cambridge behind and spend three days in France’s magnificent capital city!

    Paris did not disappoint us with its breath-taking architecture, mouth-watering food and many wonderful tourist attractions. Even the weather was on our side and added to the beauty and charm of this sublime city.

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  • Year 3 explore the Science Museum

    Published 18/12/16

    It has been a year of firsts for the current Year 3 pupils so, in keeping with this, an action packed day was planned to the Science Museum in London.

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  • Year 3 bring Greek myths to life

    Published 18/12/16

    This term Year 3 Drama lessons have focussed around stories and myths from Ancient Greece. Our topic culminated in a special workshop on Wednesday 10 June when we created some truly unique pieces of theatre using UV (ultra-violet) lighting. 3A performed a piece of theatre based on the myth of Pandora's Box whilst 3Alpha performed a piece based on the story of King Midas.

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  • Stephen Perse Foundation - No.1 in East Anglia

    Published 18/12/16

    The Stephen Perse Foundation is ranked No.1 in East Anglia in the Sunday Times Parent Power table of A-level and GCSE results.

    The foundation’s enviable results, with 95.4% gaining A* to B grades at A-level and 92.6% of GCSEs graded A* or A, make it one of the best performers in the whole country - ranked 19th nationally.

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  • First day for boys and girls

    Published 18/12/16

    As happy as Nemo!

    Year 3 boys and girls were enjoying their first day back to school today. The classrooms were buzzing with ideas and excitement and Miss Dobson’s class agreed that they were just as excited as Nemo on his first day!

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  • IB Results

    Published 18/12/16

    Students in the 6th form college are celebrating another excellent set of results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma, announced on 6 July 2015. The average score for students gaining their diploma is 39.6 points, out of a total of 45, which will place the Stephen Perse Foundation in the top group of IB schools in the UK for the sixth consecutive year.

    This is equivalent to almost 4 A Levels at A*A*A*A* plus an additional A in AS level. A score of around 40 points places students within the top 5% globally.

    The Stephen Perse Foundation has been teaching the IB since 2008 and has twice been awarded the Sunday Times IB School of the Year. Stuart Jack, Head of 6th Form, said “this is another set of superb and well-deserved results – students and staff will be delighted. One of the advantages of the IB system is receiving the results so early in the summer – it's a great way to start the holiday period."

    Students can now look forward to the university courses they have worked so hard to access. A few of these courses are: Geography, History, Psychology and Behavioural Studies at Cambridge, Electrical Engineering at Imperial, Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford, Arts and Sciences at UCL, Dentistry at KCL and Liverpool and Liberal Arts at Utrecht.

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  • Chris d’Lacey visits the Junior School

    Published 18/12/16

    Chris d'Lacey’s visit to the Junior School on Tuesday 16 September was much anticipated and surpassed expectations.

    After spending some time with Years 3 & 4 talking about his first major series, The Fire Within, Chris spoke to Years 5 & 6 about The Unicorne Files, his new books inspired by the old television series about paranormal mysteries called The X-Files. He tempted us into the story by introducing the characters, including the villain with the dreadful German accent, and then left us on a cliffhanger desperate to hear more!

    However, the most enjoyable part of the talk was hearing about Chris' journey into writing. Surprisingly he didn't like books when he was growing up and it wasn’t until he was forced to read Pride and Prejudice in detention one evening that he got into reading. Finding it impossible to put the book down, he took it home, finished it and even went back for another recommendation, much to the surprise of his teacher. Chris then introduced us to Gregory Peck, a pigeon he rescued from the park and wrote about in his first acclaimed book, and he also explained how The Fire Within was originally a book about squirrels rather than dragons.

    It was a pleasure to have such an enthusiastic and inspiring author visit the school and, judging for queue of children waiting to meet Chris, there are now many copies of his books on the bedside tables of Stephen Perse pupils in and around Cambridge.

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  • Year 6 leavers' party

    Published 18/12/16

    The PFA host many events during the school year and, without doubt, the highlight for Year 6 pupils is their Leavers' Party at the end of the summer term. The 2015 event, which was held in the Junior School on Friday 3 July, was much anticipated and proved to be a resounding success. The theme was 'A Night at the Movies' and the girls certainly made the most of the opportunity to dress up as movie stars, past and present. Charlie Chaplin, Julie Andrews and Marilyn Monroe were among those present; Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz' appeared more than once and we even had a life size golden Oscar!

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  • GCSE 2015 results are out

    Published 18/12/16

    The results reflect extraordinarily high achievement in 26 different subjects but we also salute their successes regionally, nationally and even internationally in sport, music and drama.

    Tricia Kelleher said, "More than ever, our students are exceptionally well-rounded and are genuinely prepared for their 6th form studies and the world ahead."

    Headline figures are:

    • 64% of grades were A*
    • 88% of grades were A* or A
    • 29% of students achieved 10 more A* grades
    • 50% of students achieved 8 or more A* grades
    • 100% of students have achieved 5 A*-C including English and Mathematics

    For more information about our results please follow the link.

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  • A level results 2015

    Published 18/12/16

    A Level 2015

    This is a stellar set of results for our students and an enormous credit to all involved!

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal said, "It is the variety of destinations that really stands out for me. As well as the lawyers and medics, historians and anthropologists, we have a growing number opting for acclaimed Liberal Arts courses in the UK or abroad including at Princeton, USA. To have students with such contrasting futures ahead of them, be it Computer Science at Cambridge or History of Art at the Courtauld or even at the world-renowned Translation and Interpretation degree at the University of Geneva, it is ever more important that the individual students’ stories are not lost in any set of results."

    • 28% of all grades were A*
    • 70% of all grades were A* or A
    • 98% of grades were A* to C
    • 100% of grades were A* to E

    Click to download a breakdown of the 2015 A Level results by subject.

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  • Year 6 field trip to Norfolk

    Published 18/12/16

    A trip to the seaside on Monday 22 September provided the perfect opportunity for Year 6 to appreciate the importance of protecting our coast line from the elements.

    They learnt to recognise different sea defences (gabions, rock armour and groynes, to name but a few) and debated whether or not the Environment Agency should continue to maintain these defences on Brancaster Beach.

    The trip was not solely based on Geography, however. The pupils discovered the huge diversity of living things which live in the marine environment and on its fringes. They scoured the beaches with great excitement, finding a wide range of animals and plants, including mollusc shells, crabs and various sea weeds. The timing could not have been better, as their current Science topic is Interdependence & Adaptation, and this week the students have been learning about how to classify living things into groups. First-hand experience of the biodiversity of the shoreline is hard to beat as a way of putting this learning into practice.

    The spectacular cliffs at Hunstanton, with their vivid, contrasting layers of white, red and brown, provided not just a stunning reminder of the power of erosion, but also of the immense age of the Earth itself. Looking down the cliffs from top to bottom provided Year 6 with a window into vast stretches of Earth history, from the 99 million year old white chalk at the top, down to the 108 million year old Carrstone at the bottom. The pupils learnt that, as we go about our daily business in Cambridge, beneath our feet lies much the same sequence of sedimentary rocks, invisible to our eyes only because of our safe location inland, far from the ravaging power of the sea!

    Day trips usually involve finding a suitable location for eating packed lunches but on this occasion lunch was provided by Fishers of Hunstanton and enjoyed in their spacious restaurant. Fish and chips, or one of the alternatives, certainly helped make this a day out to remember.

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  • Photography competition prize giving evening

    Published 18/12/16

    There will be an informal prize giving ceremony by the chair of governors, Dr Sutherland, and viewing of the Photography Exhibition in the senior school dining room on Monday 15 September from 17:30 - 18:30, with prizes awarded at 17:45.

    Sirisha Gorantla 'What is learning' 3Alpha #1.JPG

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  • Equestrian Eventing results

    Published 18/12/16

    The Equestrian team have made an excellent start to the season.

    Daisy Bathe, Maggie Tyrrell and Anna Czylok took part in the inter-schools one day event at 90cm at Poplar Park at the weekend, hosted by Woodbridge School.

    The Individual results in their respective categories were as follows:

    Anna Czylok 1st
    Daisy Bathe 6th
    Maggie Tyrrell 9th

    These results put the team in 2nd place overall and only a couple of points behind the winners.

    A fantastic start to the year, well done.

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  • Simon Mayo author event

    Published 18/12/16

    Simon Mayo captivates a huge audience of 10-12 year olds

    Being an element hunter can be dangerous...

    There was great excitement on 14 October 2014 when Y6 & Y7 pupils from eight local schools, including Dame Bradbury’s, Junior School and Senior School gathered in the Senior School Hall for a presentation by Simon Mayo. One of Britain’s best-loved and well-known radio presenters has recently made a name for himself as author of the ITCH novels, an explosive series of action and adventure books about the element hunter, Itchingham Lofte.

    Simon got the audience thinking and participating straight away with highlights including a tour of the most valuable elements, Daniel Radcliffe singing the periodic table, death inducing wallpaper, money burning and radioactive Boy Scouts. He served up a valuable lesson in the importance of creativity and a keen eye for authentic detail in both the arts and sciences. His success in bringing together these 'two cultures' (which also formed the basis of an Inspire Me talk given by Stephen McGann in May) will encourage the next generation to follow suit and it was heartening to see how inspired his young listeners were by this magical combination of elements: imagination and real-world chemistry.

    After several captivating and humorous readings from his books Simon hosted a question and answer session - hopefully many pupils will now pick up these books and enjoy them. While Simon signed copies of his books, the Foundation Science staff pulled out all the stops and gave a presentation of their own, including exploding hydrogen balloons, the literally shattering effects of super-cooled liquid nitrogen on flowers and squash balls and a mini rocket whose trajectory took it into the audience! This real practical science served as a perfect reminder of the breathtaking experimental learning which provided the inspiration for Simon Mayo's stories.

    This was a fantastic event but just remember…….Don't Trust Anyone!

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  • NSEA Show jumping

    Published 18/12/16

    The Equestrian Show Jumping Team had a very successful day at the College of West Anglia during the last weekend of September.

    In the 60cm class the results were as follows:

    Lauren Caley - 1st

    Alexandra Caley - 2nd

    Lydia Law - 8th

    This placed the team in 2nd place overall.

    In the 70cm class the team consisting of Lauren Caley, Eliza Saunders, Ella Zatouroff and Lydia Law came 3rd place overall, with individual placings as follows:

    Lauren Caley - 3rd

    Ella Zatouroff - 7th

    In the 80cm class the placings were:

    Eliza Saunders - 6th

    Lydia Law - 8th

    All results earned valuable points for the regional points league.

    The Stephen Perse Foundation finished in 6th place out of 26 teams at the end of the 2013/14 season, which was a superb performance and all looks very promising for this year.

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  • Year 5 Science turns explosive!

    Published 18/12/16

    In Science, the Year 5 classes have been studying Gases Around Us, a topic which lends itself to lots of precise practical experimentation.

    The students have been learning about the key properties of gases: that they can be compressed, that they can move about freely and fill up any available space. The girls were able to see these for themselves in a very dramatic way via two simple but exciting experiments.

    In this first of these, the students mixed half an Alka Seltzer tablet with 10ml of water in a plastic film canister, turned it upside down and stepped back. After a few seconds, the build of carbon dioxide gas from the reaction inside the canister produced an intense pressure, which could only be released in one way: an explosive "pop!", which sent the canister flying up to the ceiling. This produced an even stronger reaction in the students - delighted shrieks of excitement!

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  • Year 6 tribute to the Copper Beech Tree

    Published 18/12/16

    We have been taking the opportunity of saying our farewells to the beautiful copper beech tree in the Senior School garden.

    Sadly the tree has reached the end of its time as a living presence in the grounds but there is excitement about how its wood will be preserved and how its footprint will be used in the future.

    Year 6 pupils visited the tree a few days before the end of term in October 2014 and took time to work together to create a tribute in the form of a poem:


    Your sweeping boughs shelter the school

    And watch over the changing generations.

    Your majesty is a testament to all the history you've witnessed.

    Bending branches whisper untold secrets,

    Leaves shed like tears.

    Furtive fungi creeps out of your mighty trunk,

    The enemy is slowly decaying your magnificence,

    Closing you from the world.

    Our mighty guardian will soon be gone

    An empty space will linger where you once stood,

    Waiting to be filled with new beginnings.

    Written by members of Year 6 in the Senior School garden on 21.10.14

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