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From 1st September 2017, fees at each of our schools are:

School Fees per term
Stephen Perse Pre-Prep (Cambridge & Madingley) £3,900

Dame B's Kindergarten* 

£2,600 (5 full days)

£1,450 (5 mornings)

Dame B's Reception £3,600
Dame B's Years 1 & 2 £3,900
Dame B's Years 3 & 4 £4,260
Dame B's Years 5 & 6 £4,450
Stephen Perse Junior School £4,900
Stephen Perse Senior School £5,675
Stephen Perse 6th Form £5,500

*Children should be registered for a minimum of three morning sessions per week. Please contact the admissions secretary for details of fees for different numbers of sessions.

Our students can take part in music lessons with individual members of the visiting music staff. These are ten 40-minute lessonsand will be charged at £242 per term.

The Stephen Perse Foundation has some school string and woodwind instruments which may be available to hire, subject to availability.

Instruments can be hired at a cost of £25 per term, or £27.50 per term for cellos.
Our minibuses can take our students to and from the Pre-Prep, Junior and Senior Schools to various locations around Cambridge and Saffron Walden. 

These are charged separately on a termly basis.
Fees for the Pre-Prep, Junior, Dame B's and Senior Schools all include school lunches.

In the 6th Form College, fees include a kitchen charge but exclude food costs and meals must be paid for as they are taken.
Speech lessons are available at the Foundation. Ten 40-minute lessons in a group cost £120, and individual lessons cost £240.
Early and late stay charges
Pre-Prep and Junior School
Early stay: No charge
Late stay: No charge up to 4.30pm, £1.50 for each 15 minutes thereafter.

Dame Bradbury's
Breakfast club - 7.30am - 8am: £2.50
Early stay - 8am 0 8.20am: No charge
Late stay - Early Years and Pre-Prep: No charge until 4pm, £1.50 for each 15 minutes thereafter.
Late stay - Prep: No charge until 4.30pm, £1.50 for each 15 minutes thereafter.
Additional information - Dame Bradbury's 

Dame Bradbury's - Additional information

In Pre-Prep, children should be registered for a minimum of three morning sessions per week. Please contact admissions for details of fees for different numbers of sessions.

For children under five, and for limited childcare services above that age, the school accepts childcare vouchers. We can also apply for Early Years Free Entitlement on your behalf for children under five.

Termly instalment scheme

There is an option to pay fees under our termly instalment scheme. At discretion, parents may have the option to pay fees for a particular term under the scheme.

Dates and amounts for each instalment for that term will be set out in an agreement. No administration fees, interest, or other charges are added under the scheme.

Any extras and incidental costs from the preceding term will be due and payable before the first day of term in accordance with parent contracts. The Stephen Perse Foundation reserves the right to withdraw or amend the instalment scheme at any time by giving parents notice in writing before a new school term.

For more information, email or call 01223 434700 and ask to speak to the Bursar's Office. 

Financial assistance


Childcare vouchers