Take a handful of curiosity and enthusiasm, pour over creativity and thinking skills, season generously with sport, music, drama and a host of other activities, blend it with firm friendships and a dash of guidance and you have the perfect recipe.

Our junior school is a happy, buzzy place, which brings together pupils (boys will soon be joining our girls) from all kinds of backgrounds in a close community. They have had varied educational experiences, both in Britain and around the world, so what you already know matters less than what you can learn.

'Every day is different – when I arrive, I wonder what I'll do today'

Whenever children join us, they quickly feel at home here, whether they arrive in Year 3 or Year 6 – and their horizons expand rapidly to take in science, new languages, a range of sports, musical instruments, drama, charity fund-raising and the closest of friendships. Since they automatically qualify for the senior school, these often strengthen into adulthood, as they grow up together.

This is a place where habits are formed for life – resilience, persistence, questioning and decisiveness among them. As preparation for an uncertain world, we want to make sure our pupils have more than just knowledge. An ability to think around problems and opportunities, make original connections and take carefully evaluated risks gives them a set of skills and habits that enable them to respond positively in the face of change and reach their potential.

In short, we teach them to think outside the traditional box of conventional education.

 Junior school news
  • Science Investigation Competition Fair
    The Junior School Hall witnessed the culmination of weeks of preparation with the final presentation and judging event of of this year's Science Investigation Competition...
  • Netball Round Up
    It has been an incredibly busy fortnight for the Junior School girls on the netball court. Check out our results here...
  • Design and make a carousel
    Earlier this week the staircase between the Junior School Science, Art and DT rooms became the centre of Year 5 quality control...
  • Equestrian congratulations
    The Stephen Perse Foundation Equestrian team had a fantastic set of results at the Houghton Hall, Oakley Hunt North Pony Club's Spring Show on the 22nd March...
  • Street Art
    Year 6 pupils enjoyed a trip to Dame Bradbury’s where they joined the year 6 children in the theatre to hear a talk to introduce them to Street Art...

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Our programme of visiting speakers brings in individuals and groups to share fascinating careers/life stories , inspiring students, parents and alumni to think differently.

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