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Our Learning Wheel groups subjects that have a natural synergy – so in all our lessons we encourage pupils to explore the connections between different disciplines.

We're also not afraid to take time out from our regular timetable to explore ideas and topics that interest our pupils in more depth. Our integrated learning projects, collaborative days and themed weeks open up exciting new ways to learn.

Here's a snapshot of some of our activities ...

Morpurgo Madness



Theatre trips, cover designs, drama, puppets, quizzes and letters to the author and more. Each group captured their activities in an iMovie to record and reflect on their learning.

STEAM week

Coding with Hacklab, rocket launching, engineering with K'NEX in the 'tower of strength' challenge, designing 'flights of fancy', exploring parabola with catapults... the list goes on!

Maths week

Maths is success. Maths is understanding. Maths is power. Of course there are an infinite number of other reasons why Maths is important, not least because it is everywhere. Junior School Maths Week was designed, in part, to answer this question and an array of particularly special events helped us to reach our goal.











Out of the box

A week of activities for Year 5 focuses on key learning habits, including everything from outdoor adventures - archery, kayaking and raft-building - to movie-making with stop animation, coding and Aztec mask creation.

Collaborative days

We regularly collaborate with our friends at Dame Bradbury's to spend a day out of school, discovering new things together. One example is our 'Go Wild' day in our nature reserve at Latham Road – which had campfire songs, marshmallow toasting, team-building games, survival skills, natural art creation, and haikus for National Poetry Week.

"I learnt so much, in fact too much to count, but I know now a trebuchet needs to be strong and stable to fire projectiles."

Hagen, year 4