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Published on 28/07/16

On the final day in China we went to the Pearl market, which is a large indoor market originally set up to sell pearls, to do some last minute shopping for souvenirs. There was lot of cool stuff , but some of us found that it didn’t have as much variety as the market in Jinan. Nevertheless , we left the building with bags of presents and in a good mood! We all had the chance to bargain with each of our purchases and managed to get the price below half of the original price. Most of the sellers spoke decent English, however they seemed more content with lowering the prices if we spoke Mandarin. Some sellers gave us cheap prices because we were students but others significantly increased the price as they presumed we had decent amounts of money and our bargaining skills wouldn’t be very good. We found several good methods of making sellers go to the price you want. You could get a small amount of money out in advance and state that you only had that money, you could just walk away and only turn around when they shouted out a decent price.

After we had all spent the last of our Chinese money, we headed off to a restaurant to eat our last Chinese meal. As every other meal had been, there was a huge variety of food to choose from. We all made the most of the dinner and ate everything offered to us. Once we were all completely full, we left for the airport, now prepared for the long hours of flying and waiting we had to come.
Overall, it was an amazing experience and we definitely recommend the trip to all students studying Mandarin.

Grace W, Karina T, Chris G, Katya B